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Islamic Economics Bulletin is IAFIE's uninterrupted publication since its inception in 1990. Its news items, information on new books and articles, abstracts of M. Phils and Ph.Ds., book review etc. are its regular features which have been appreciated by all. So far we have published about 90 issues of it and in spite of our meager resources we have been sending them to major institutions of the subject all over the world.



Author : Dr. Muhammed Muslehuddin

Publisher : Markazi Maktaba Islami, New Delhi



The Islamic Vision of Development in the Light of Maqasid Al Shariah

Author: Muhammed Umer Chapra

Publisher : The International Institute of Islamic Thought, USA


Role of the State in the Economy

Author : Dr. M Nejatullah Siddiqi

Publisher : The Islamic Foundation, Leicester, United Kingdom


Author : Dr. M Nejatullah Siddiqui

Publisher : Markazi Maktaba Islami, New Delhi

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