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Dr Nejatullah Siddiqi

Dr Nejatullah Siddiqi

Dr. Mohammad Nejatullah Siddiqi

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Recent Papers

  1. Paper: A Vision for the Future of Islamic Economics, Sept. 2013, Istanbul, Turkey
  2. Paper: Future of Islamic Economics, 2012, India
  3. Paper: Islamic Economics Between Aspirations And Realities, March 2013, Aligarh, India
  4. Paper: Future of Islamic Economics: November 2012, IEI, KAU Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  5. Video: Discussion - Future of Islamic Economics, Part 1 of 2. Nov. 2012, Aligarh, India
  6. Video: Discussion - Future of Islamic Economics, Part 2 of 2. Nov. 2012, Aligarh, India
  7. Video: Interview discussing Riba, Ijtihad, Paper Money and other topics on Islamic Finance, March, 2002
  8. Video: (Starting at time marker 10:09) Part I of LARIBA Symposium on Islamic Finance & Banking. Los Angeles, CA. June, 2001
  9. Islamization of Knowledge: Reflections on Priorities: 2011, Aligarh, India.
  10. Lectures on Islamic Economics: June 2011, Aligarh, India.
  11. The Preacher And The Banker: January 2011, Aligarh, India.
  12. Faith and Finance: April 2010, Harvard University, Boston, Massachusettes.
  13. Dealing With The Financial Crisis: April 2009, Aligarh, India
  14. Risk Management In An Islamic Framework: 15 February 2009, Aligarh, India
  15. Current Financial Crisis And Islamic Economics : 31 October 2008, Aligarh, India
  16. Emergence of Ethical Investment - Key Note Address : 14 June 2008, Institute of Objective Studies, New Delhi
  17. Obstacles to Islamic Economics Research: April 2008, KAAU, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  18. A Note: Sukuk and Their Role in Islamic Finance: February 2008, LSE/HIFP Seminar
  19. A Note: An Approach to Islamic Economics: October 2007
  20. Future of Islamic Finance: August 2007, Kuala Lumpur
  21. Economics of Tawarruq, February 1, 2007, London, U.K
  22. Role of Shariah Experts, April 21, 2006, Harvard University, Boston, Massachusettes.
  23. Economic Benefits of Islamic Leasing, April 24, 2005, Kuwait.
  24. Relevance And Need For Understanding The Essence Of Religious Traditions, April 8-10, 2005, New Delhi, India.
  25. Wealth of Muslim Nations -- Interview on, October 15, 2004, Pittsburgh, PA
  26. Prelude to Reconstruction, August 4-6, 2004, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
  27. Keynote Address, May 26-27, 2004, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.
  28. Islamic Finance: Current Legal And Regulatory Issues: May 8-9, 2004, Harvard University, Boston, Massachusettes.
  29. Vote of Thanks: October 7-9, 2003, Bahrain.
  30. Islamic Banking Lectures Overview & Glossary or terms: November 2001, UCLA, Los Angeles, California.
  31. Lecture 1: The Foundations of Islamic Finance
  32. Lecture 2: Recent History of Islamic Banking and Finance
  33. Lecture 3: Problems and Prospects of Islamic Banking and Finance
  34. Islamic Banks: Concepts, Precepts and Prospects: 1998, Islamic Economic Review -- Leicester, U.K
  35. Comparitive Advantages of Islamic Banking & Finance: April 6, 2002, Harvard University, Boston, Massachusettes.
  36. The Wisdom of Prohibition of Interest: March 30, 2002, Los Angeles, California.
  37. Grass-Roots Based Islamic Finance - 16 June 2001, Los Angeles.
  38. Islamic Finance and Beyond: Premises and Promises of Islamic Economics
  39. Islamic Insurance: Takaful Forum - 26 April 2000, New York.
  40. Seminar - Financing Infrastructure Building: Role of Islamic Financial Institutions
  41. Nature and Methodology of Islamic Political Economy
  42. Muslim Minorities In The 21st Century: A Case Study of Indian Muslims
  43. The Spiritual Basis of Economic and Financial Life: The Islamic Perspective
  44. Role of Fiscal Policy in Controlling Inflation in Islamic Framework


    Book: Riba, Bank Interest and the Rationale of it's Prohibition (2004)
    Interview on "State of Islamic Economics" (May 2000)


News Updates

  • Online admission for second batch of MBA Insurance 2018 - 2020 at Jamia Hamdard

    Online admission for second batch of MBA Insurance 2018 - 2020 at Jamia Hamdard, Deemed University, New Delhi has started. The link is https://admissions. This insurance course is being run by Jamia Hamdard in collaboration with Asean Institute of Insurance & Risk M...

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    There is an ongoing trend in countries with Islamic finance ecosystems of discovering the importance of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) for economic well-being and growth.  Traditionally, SMEs have not played a substantial role in oil-rich Middle Eastern countries where the economy used ...

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    Banten, March 14 -- President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) is optimistic that several people would come forward to donate funds to micro 'wakaf' banks in Indonesia, thereby encouraging the development of the micro business sector. "We will push donors as much as possible. I am certain many people want...

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    High Court Issues Notices; Asks Union Finance Ministry, RBI, J&K Bank, J&K Government To Respond D A RASHID Srinagar, Publish Date: Mar 20 2018 The High Court on Monday asked Union Finance Ministry, Reserve Bank of India, Jammu and Kashmir Government and Jammu and Kashmir Bank to respond t...

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    Srinagar, Mar 19: High Court today sought response from the authorities to the PIL seeking feasibility of introducing Islamic Banking in the State. The Division Bench of Justice Mohammad Yaqoob Mir and Justice D S Thakur granted four weeks time to Union Ministry of Finance, Reserve Bank of India, C...

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    Organized by IBK-Islamic Banking Kashmir On 18th March, Islamic banking and finance summit was held at Hotel City Plaza Durganag Dalgate. The summit was attended by huge gathering besides some key Islamic banking scholars. Dr. Iqbal Malik, the chief coordinator of the event started the proceedin...

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  • GLOBAL HALAL EXPO INDIA 2018, 31st August-2nd September 2018

    GLOBAL HALAL EXPO INDIA 2018  Co-Located with India Foodex 2018  31st August-2nd September 2018, Bangalore,India Media Today Group, a 22 year old company, is engaged in organizing exhibitions and also publishes trade magazines like Agribusiness & Food Industry , Floriculture Today ...

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