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Initially few aware citizen among the muslim community at patna had started AL-KHAIR as a social organization since early 1997.some time later a more compact setup of a charitable Trust and was  registered on 22/08/1998 at patna Sadar Registry Office

AL-KHAIR has a twofold programme objective:

Motivation Campaigns

Mobilization of Resource and Means

Livelihood opportunities for lot of poor or some economic measures that could generate employment or Self employment from the very beginning this was the principal concern of AL-KHAIR even in developing its first programme package following interventions were identified:

Direct financial help

Providing interest free loan

Providing capital to landless laborers for acquisition of cultivable land so that they could do their own farming

Providing cattle or poultry birds to rear.

However the magnitude of needed help particularly in field of small credit turned out to be so enormous that AL-KHAIR on its own began to think of initiating an exclusive programme of small credit availability in its service area. this was seriously discussed before looking for proper structural form of small credit lending.

Then the suggestion of interest free CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY was put forward by the core group of was decided to gold 2 day workshop to discuss in detail all its structural nuanaces. In this work shop organized on 21-22 August, 1999 and participated by several experts from business finance and academics the decision was arrived at to initiate the process.

By setting up a promoters group who would shoulder exclusive responsibility of AL-KHAIR’s credit project.

By working out a status report on availability and of small credit, if possible through undertaking a survey in the service area that AL-KHAIR eventually decided to focus on availability of interest free loan- a more tangible support in form of loan, micro finance.

The select group of experts having gone in details deliberating various options and then converging on to ?khatkhat model of co-operative credit society like structure .it was decided to organize a core group of promoters who would be the apex body. With responsibility of expanding in to a general body as well as be shouldering exclusive responsibility of working out the co-operative society’s institutional set up.

First promoters meeting were held on 26th September, 1999 which was assumed official responsibilities of setting up this co-operative credit society. In promoters meeting this was also emphasized that for market viability of this co-operative credit society the service area approach of AL-KHAIR identifying the backward and poor settlements has to be suitably broadened. It should also cover a wider area including areas of intense business activities. Eventually it was decided to take up a part of the down city with its business areas in the centre and then taking up all contiguous settlements towards AL-KHAIR. Hinterland.

For this co-operative credit organization it was also felt that its operation and wok should not be confined only to Bihar. It should strive to have a lateral integration with the poor class here ever they be in sizeable number. There should also be special effort to rope in towns or cities where a business interest is substantial. It was decided therefore that in its structural form this proposed outfit should be a multi state co-operative society and be able to operate in the states of Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi. Accordingly the preparations have to make to get it registered as a multi state co-operative credit society.

To begin with AL-KHAIR proposes to work in Patna .the capital of Bihar, though for it beginning activities its focus area is south Patna with old settlement of Phulwarisharif as the hub centre of all its activities.

After registered under MSCS Act AL-KHAIR had starts its office at Haroon Nagar sector-2 on 18/08/2002.

Aims & objectives:-

To promote economic and social betterment of its members through mutual co-operation and in accordance with the co-operative principal as defined in the First Schedule to the Act.

To encourage and provide facilities for thrift, self help and co-operation amongst the members.

To create funds to be lent out to, or invested for its members, or for their benefit subject always to the provision of the Act and the rules.

To facilitate the operation of, and to co-operative with, other co-operative societies.

To encourage and enable members for savings and to keep their such savings and other funds with the society as recurring, demand or term deposit without any charge or condition for payment of dividends, interest or opportunity cost thereon.

To give loans and advances to members and levy service charge thereon subject to the mode and period of repayments, method of computation of the service charge, nature and type of security and other rules and regulation framed for the purpose by the Board of Directors of the Society. No interest, as such, shall be levied on such loans and advances to members.

To procure and purchase items in the nature of personal requirements, educational  needs, domestic consumption, business and professional use and provide these on hire, or supply on outright cash down basis, installment basis or hire-purchased basis, earning profit in the process in favor of the Society.

To provide financial and other services to the members at nominal service charges.

To promote one or more subsidiary institution, which may be registered under any law for the time being in force, for the furtherance of the objects of the Society.

To do such other things incidental or conductive to all or any of the above mentioned {section 5(a) to 5(i)} objects.


In furtherance of the above objects, the society may undertake any or all the following activities:

Creating awareness about Co-operative Principal and increasing membership base of the Society.

Encouraging savings by the members and ensuring deposits in different funds of the society.

Establishing and promoting self help groups among deprived and marginalized section of the society. Special attention will be given to women.

Lending to members under different scheme.

Procuring financial and other service to the members.

Providing financial and other services to the members.

Other functions incidental to and in consonance with the objects as decided by the Board from time to time.

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Name of the Branch : Phulwari Branch      

Address : Haroon Nagar, Sec-1 Phulwari Sharif, Patna. 801505, (Bihar)

Phone no : 06122252235      


Name of the Branch : Patna Central Branch      

Address : Oppt, Training School Afzal Manzil, Mahendru Patna. 800006 (Bihar)

Phone no : 0612-2370133/ 09334961185        


Name of the Branch : Ara Branch      

Address : Milki Mohalla, Near Mehru Masjid, Ara (Bhojpuar) Bihar.

Phone no : 09234189144/ 09308712624  


Name of the Branch : Gaya Branch      

Address : C/o. Millat Hospital, Near Railway Hospital, Nagmatia Road Gaya. 823001 (Bihar).

Phone no :  07857896853/ 06312222322  


Name of the Branch : Neora Branch      

Address : C/o. Q & Q Rizvi Trust, Station Road Neora. Patna, (Bihar).

Phone no : 09308344908  


Name of the Branch : Motihari Branch          

Address : C/o, Rahman Complex, 2nd floor, Main Road,Motihari. 845401 (Bihar).  

Phone no : 09308441193    


Name of the Branch : Sasaram Branch          

Address : C/O. Ruby Lodge.  Moh. Mandai Keshwar Khan, Sasaram (Rohtas) 821115.  

Phone no : 09304161138/06184221264     


Name of the Branch : Jamshedpur Branch          

Address : 4th Floor,Ratan Tower,Straight Mile Road,Dhatkdih, Jamshedpur.831001 Jharkhand  

Phone no : 09334075158/ 07677108144    


Name of the Branch : Mango Branch          

Address : Ground Floor Razi Coplex,In Fornt of Road No-9, Jawahar Nagar, Mango, Jamshedpur Jhrkhand.

Phone no : 09386677235/09534017308    


Name of the Branch : Patna Central Branch          

Address : F-30 / 1 A, Riz  Apartment, Shibli Nomani Road,  Shaheen Bagh, Abul  Fazal Enclave Phase-11,  Jamia Nagar, New Delhi  Pin- 110025    

Phone no : 08527887950/ 01126943830  


Name of the Branch : Gomti Nagar

Branch  Address : C/o Asif Ali, Back side of Amity old campus, Taqwa, Viraj Khand,Gomti Nagar, Lucknow- 226010-UP

Phone no : 09125084453  


Name of the Branch : Nakhkhas Branch

Address : C/O, Shakir Ali ,In front of X zone School,Back side of Bank Of Baroda,262/47 Katra Azam Beg, Nakkhas, Lucknow.(U.P)  

Phone no : 09125104152          


Name of the Branch : Lucknow Branch      

Address : C/o. Asif Ali Back Side of Amity Old Campus Taqwa  Viraj Khand, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow.226010 (U.P).  

Phone no : 09125084453  


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